Welcome to the NORM SOLUTIONS LLC 8-HOUR NORM/TENORM WORKER online training course! This online course is designed for all education and reading levels, and is interactive! If there is any issue viewing the link, please e-mail Watch the video below for a sample of the videos associated with our course.





The online course is designed to be taken by individuals, and is comprised of videos, games, and quizzes. Once the attendee is registered for the course, and payment is received, then the individual can complete the course by logging into the system. Proof of training certificates are issued after the final quiz is completed.

Groups can also participate in the course. With the group purchase, the number of attendees is selected. The registering person will be identified as the group user/manager, and will be able to add and delete users to the course. This is a great function for larger companies. Once the course is completed by the user, the course cannot be accessed again. If the need for additional users is needed, then more can be purchased. If you choose to use a check for payment, then email the class roster to to initiate the singular group course. When the class is complete, only one certificate will issue, so we will email you all the certificates for the entire group as pdf files. The group can work through the course collectively. We welcome feedback on the course as we are developing other online courses. Thank you and have a great day!

The online NORM/TENORM course is recognized as acceptable specialized training by the Texas Department of State Health Services, 25 TAC §289, and the Railroad Commission, 16 TAC §4.6 and other state agencies as well. The course is recognized throughout the United States. The topics included, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  Origins of NORM, Atomic Theory, Sources of Radiation Exposure, and Minimizing Exposure

  •  Petroleum, Natural Gas Condensate, Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Processes

  •  ALARA, Exposure Reducing Tools, Safety Controls, Hazards, and Dose Equivalents

  •  Biological Effects of Radiation and Risks Associated with Radiation Exposure

  •  NORM/TENORM State Regulations, and Low Level Radioactive Waste Compacts

  •  Problems, Solutions, Radiation Units, and Prefixes

  • Decontamination Methods, Field Practices, and Restricted Areas

  • Monitoring Devices, Survey instruments and Detection

  • Specific Licenses, Resident Licenses, and Reciprocity Licenses

  • Frisk Out Procedures, Tool Surveys, and Documentation