With summer soon approaching, so does the bulk of NORM/TENORM decontamination field activities in the U.S. Regardless of the fluctuations with the price of oil and gas, the general trend shows that the spring is the slow period of the year, with a strong influx in demand in the summer months, with winter slowing back down. The peak months for decontamination are typically the end of May, through June, July, August, and slowing in September. A combination of outdoor summer temperatures, operator/producer work schedules, and allocation of budgets support the summer influx. The spring months can be used for annual planning and gearing up for the current year’s projects. For service providers that are interested in obtaining NORM/TENORM decontamination licenses, this is the prime time of the year for application approvals. Licenses usually take an average of two (2) to eight (8) weeks, so waiting on approval through the months of May, June or July wastes valuable potential decontamination time, and potential loss of revenue.