A common misconception regarding NORM and H2S is that if H2S is present, that NORM will be automatically be present. NORM can be found in a variety of geological and geographical areas, and may be present in both sour gas and sweet gas wells. The only resemblance to H2S is that Radium 226 will form in a sulfate bond in reservoirs. Radium 226 is in the same periodic table group as Calcium, Barium, and Strontium, and will replace these elements when bonded to a sulfate. NORM radionuclides exist and behave independently from H2S. An additional obstacle to a well containing both H2S and NORM-contamination is that the surface equipment has a greater likelihood of corrosion, causing an environmental release to occur at the site. Anytime H2S is present at a facility, PPE and additional precautions should be utilized.