We now offer eight (2) Gigabyte (GB) flash drives pre-loaded with a variety of information, such as NORM/TENORM specific regulations for eight (8) states, plus other governmental documents, example forms, and more! Since regulations change, we are providing electronic copies and hyperlinks in an effort to assist you in staying up to date.

We are continually adding information to the flash drives for your use. Since these flash drives offer a great deal of storage, feel free to include your own NORM/TENORM information to it as your own!


Content includes, but is not limited to:

  • State Regulations for AR, LA, MS, NM, ND, OH, TX, and WV
  • Information Provided by the CRCPD
  • Web Matrix for 49 CFR Radioactive Materials
  • Applicable EPA Publications
  • Information Provided by the RMLLWB Compact
  • Radiation Protection Forms
  • Decontamination Forms
  • Transportation Forms
  • Spreadsheets – Air monitoring calculations and DOT Class 7 calculations

Call (844) 315-3061 or email info@normsolutions.com to place an order! The cost for the flash drive is currently $50.00 plus sales tax. Each attendee of the RSO course will receive a flash drive included in the cost of the course. Flash drives are available for purchase at other courses, and are only available for purchase by NORM SOLUTIONS LLC course attendees. You may also order a flash drive to be delivered at a class.