Course Hosting

Are you interested in hosting an advertised, open enrollment course at your facility in exchange for training discounts? Should your site be approved for hosting, a fifty-percent (50%) discount will be issued for one (1) attendee! The below criteria, stipulations, and terms will apply for an approved venue.

The Class Office/Location must provide:
Easy access from multiple directions and highways, being located within city limits.A variety of surrounding lodging, restaurants, and within a reasonable driving distance from a major airport.A straightforward address, searchable on all major Internet mapping websites. The searchable address must match street numbers and road signs.Complimentary, no-charge parking close to the building that will accommodate daily employees and all attendees.No apparent signs of neglect, disrepair, or requires maintenance. All facilities must of mid-level hotel quality, stocked, and clean.The conference room on the first floor, or have elevator access. Equipment loading/unloading must be accommodated.No excessive traffic, road construction, or other travel obstacles that could delay attendees.

The Conference Room must provide:
Enough space to comfortably seat twenty-five (25) attendees, arranged in a classroom setup with tables and padded chairs towards a sturdy, large dry erase board. Folding chairs are not acceptable. Our classes run eight (8) hours per day and must be appropriate for the duration of the course.Thermostat-controlled central heating and cooling. Window, evaporative, and non-adjustable units are not acceptable.A large dry erase board measuring a minimum of eight (8) feet wide by six (6) feet tall. If the board is not mounted on a spacious wall, then it must be on a sturdy, appropriate easel for use.Coffee and bottled water provided for all attendees throughout the class, maintained by the host, not the course instructor.Locks and restricted access for storing equipment overnight for classes overlapping multiple days.A minimum of two (2) clean, stocked restrooms, near the conference room.

All facilities are subject to approval based on appropriate site visits or other evaluations. Hosting facilities represent the quality and brand of NORM SOLUTIONS LLC courses, and any deviation from the standard of excellence that NORM SOLUTIONS LLC presents will result in withdrawal of hosting approval. Approval is granted when the hosting address is posted on the website, which fulfills the host’s commitment. Details concerning the class setup will be conducted via email.The hosting program is valid only on already scheduled, advertised open enrollment courses, posted with a TBA for the course address. Dates are set as originally scheduled. All publicized NORM SOLUTIONS LLC policies apply. Discounts and refunds for class changes or cancellations are not granted outside of the existing policies. Discounts cannot be combined with another other offer. All costs for the meeting space and associated facilities are the responsibility of the hosting company. Current, recent photographs of the exterior building(s), conference room, restrooms, and other applicable spaces, must be emailed to Submit today for consideration!