The North Dakota Department of Health previous draft rules are now effective as of January 1, 2016. The final draft rule was in acted as a final regulation. The waste disposal limit for landfills is raised from 5 pCi/g of Radium226 and Radium228 to 50 pCi/g, however landfills must apply to the Department of Health to have the authorization to accept higher concentrations.

Oil and Gas E&P operators and producers are required to register as general licensees, and list their TENORM-contaminated sites with the NDDOH. Transfers must be reported to the the NDDOH. If a transporter hauls TENORM over 5 pCi/g of Radium226 and Radium228, they must possess a specific license from the NDDOH for the transportation of the material. They must have an RSO listed on their license application. The TENORM regulations provide a sixty (60) day window for compliance.